Punch Pass


5 pass punch pass.


Perhaps your skin has cleared up a lot for you, but your not quite satisfied with it yet. The punch pass may be the thing for you.

With a punch pass you can drop in for an Acne Beautiful session when you feel you need it. This way you can come for as little or as much time as you would like.

How to use the punch pass: Use it when you need it. In other words, schedule a call when you need a little extra support. You will be able to list your concern of the day and inform your complexion coach of what you would like to focus on for that session.

Perhaps your acne is cyclical and hormonal, but mild and largely under control. In this case, you may want an Acne Beautiful session once a month.

It’s totally up to you.

Perhaps your acne is seasonal. That’s right, I said seasonal acne. Some people tend to have more breakouts during certain seasons or just between the change of seasons.

There are so many combinations of what acne can/could/would be doing at any given moment. It can be tricky and sneaky, but having an Acne Beautiful coach on hand can be a saving grace.

What happens after the initial complexion consult?

  • You will leave the consult with a few recommendations as you have read in the consult description. This will give you a starting point.
  • Next, schedule an Acne Beautiful coaching call when you feel you need it. I would recommend scheduling your first call within a week or two of completing the initial consult.
  • Each coaching session will be completely tailored to your needs that day. We will talk about what’s going on for your skin in that moment and come up with a mini game plan for you to work on at home.
  • You will leave empowered and full of new knowledge to help you over the hurdle. Mild acne is a pain too, but you may see changes within a shorter period of time.
  • Either way, you will have a caring, supportive, knowledgable coach by your side to guide you to your clearest skin!


*Punch pass clients must still complete the Initial Complexion Consultation.





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